Algeria mobilises army against ethnic violence in south


Michael Ndalama Mwale 2015/07/09 07:07:01 PM
Where ever Arabs are, there is always some fighting. But the most painful reality is that most of the lands they claim to be theirs, and in which they seek to oppress non-Arabs, are not their ethnic lands. They invaded north Africa and seized it from the berber Africans, but they behave as if the berber Africans are the guests in their own ancestral land. Same story with Palestine (Israel)!
Tagcholt Tafarnot 2015/07/10 03:14:59 PM
For ANC peoples, which support the instauration of an arab republic on berber terretories in Western sahara.. The history of the Berber people in northern Africa is extensive and diverse. The Berbers are a large group of non-Arabic tribes, related by language and culture, inhabiting areas stretching from Egypt to the Canary Islands as well as regions south of the Sahara such as Niger and Mali. Archaeologists have traced their origins to the Caspian culture, a North African civilization that dates back more than 10,000 years. By the way the name of our continent AFRICA is a berber word! The berber or imazighen are the oldest nation in africa and we can never accept the arab domination in our country Tamazgha (north africa) Greeting from a berber (amazigh) to the balck south african which complot with the arabs regime in north africa to destroy our language and our culture
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