Clashes erupt in Libya's capital, 1 dead

2012-03-18 19:36

Tripoli - A clash has erupted in Libya's capital, Tripoli, between a militia and residents, killing at least one person.

The fighting involves a powerful militia from Zintan in Libya's western mountains and armed residents of a Tripoli neighbourhood once loyal to ousted dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The well-equipped fighters from Zintan are one of many militias outside government control.

Zintan rebel commander Mohammed el-Rebay said one of his fighters was killed on Sunday. He said the two sides are firing automatic rifles at each other.

The clashes are taking place in Tripoli's Abu Selim neighbourhood, a pro-Gaddafi stronghold.

The opposition took control of the city in August and later captured and killed Gaddafi.

After Tripoli fell, the Zintan rebels took over a school in the district and converted it into a military base.