God moves Swazi king’s remote control

2011-10-25 22:27 Mbabane - Africa’s last absolute monarch King Mswati III has been hailed “God’s chosen one” after he apparently witnessed a miracle.

Some of the evangelical Christians and top government officials who listened to King Mswati preach at a prayer meeting at Lozitha Palace near Mbabane, Swaziland, on Saturday, believe that God miraculously communicated with him.

“The king preached to us. He was filled with the light of the Lord when he told us that God had given him a sign when he was getting ready to meet us.  He said a TV remote on his table dropped to the floor with no one touching it and that is how he knew God was communicating with him,” said one of the preachers, Reverend Jonas Dlamini.

The Times of Swaziland, the kingdom’s only independent newspaper, confirmed that Mswati told his audience about the “miraculous” experience.

“His Majesty saw a miracle yesterday when he was preparing his sermon. The King said a remote control lay at the centre of a coffee table but something mysteriously brought it down.  

“He said there was no person or wind that could have brought it down.  The King said he realised that God was with him.  It was Him who brought the remote control down,” reported the paper.

Mswati and his Dlamini clan believe that they were chosen to rule Swaziland.

His older brother, Prince Masitsela Dlamini, told African Eye News Service that God had given the royal family authority to rule over other Swazi clans.

“The Dlaminis are closer to God,” said Dlamini.

Divine right of kings

According to political observer Charles Ndwandwe, Mswati, who normally preaches at prayer meetings, believes he is one of God’s chosen ones.

“King Mswati claims the right to his absolute power on the basis of both Swazi culture and the biblical divine rights of kings. His brothers are on record as saying democracy and other forms of government are illegitimate because the bible sanctions kings but not presidents or elected officials.

“So it is important that the king be able to say he was given a direct sign from God, in this case the seemingly inexplicable dropping of a TV remote from a palace coffee table,” said Ndwandwe.

Meanwhile, Swaziland princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini has come out strongly in support of her father’s reign.

At last month’s dance, where thousands of bare-breasted maidens present themselves before her father, Dlamini commanded the arena to sing a hip-hop song warning Mswati of enemies who wish to make Swaziland a democratic state.

She later went into a religious rant, saying: “I have survived the toughest childhood, facing all the insults and criticism against His Majesty the King, my family, and me personally. I proclaim victory in the name of Jesus! I proclaim victory in the blood of the lamb!” – African Eye News Service