Lesotho, SA to discuss 'coup'

Pretoria - International Relations and Co-operation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane will brief media on developments in Lesotho on Saturday afternoon.

This follows and earlier report from the Lesotho government minister and member of the ruling coalition, Thesele Maseribane, who said that the country's military had seized control of the police headquarters and jammed radio stations and phones.

Maseribane, sports minister and leader of the Basotho National Party, describing a possible coup attempt, said: "They're driving around the residence of the prime minister and my residence.

"There have been some gunfighting.

"They've jammed phones...they have jammed everything," he added.

Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane told AFP meanwhile that the military had seized power in a coup and that he had fled to South Africa in fear of his life.

"I have been removed from control - not by the people but by the armed forces and that is illegal," said Thabane, also mentioning that talks would be held with "South African leaders over the coup".