WATCH: Is this Africa's strongest man?

Cheick Sanou, known as Iron Biby, was bullied when he was young. Now the man from Burkina Faso has turned his weight into his strength and wants to be the world's strongest man.

The 25-year-old man is 1.9m tall and weighs 173kg. His upper arm is 63cm, according to BBC.

Life wasn't always easy for Biby, as people used to make fun of him when he was growing up.

"While I was a kid, people used to make fun of me. I was like a big kid. So when I was growing up, I wasn't confident. I didn't really like myself. I wanted to be like the other kids," said Biby.

He went to Canada in 2009 to finish his school and joined a basketball team, which resulted in him becoming confident.

"When I was selected in the team, you know I was really happy. You know I was really really happy. At the same time, I started being more confident," he said.

Biby stayed in Canada to pursue a degree and went to local gyms, still trying to lose weight.

"When I'm trying to lose weight, it's not working. I'm getting stronger. And the comments from the friends in the gym like 'wow, did you see this new guy from Africa? He is really strong," said Biby.

Following rigorous training, he entered power lifting, winning in several disciplines before heading back home to Africa where he is now preparing for this: The world's strongest man event.

He had this to say to the young ones: "There is always people who will try to make you uncomfortable. Always be yourself and be positve. You always have to take the negativity and transform it to positivity."