PIC: 78-year-old crocodile worshipped as a god in Nigeria, says report

A 78-year-old crocodile is reportedly being worshiped as a god by some people living in south-western Nigeria. 

According to BBC, the crocodile has been owned as a pet by the Delesolu family for several generations in the Oje suburb of Ibadan City. 

Head of the household Raufu Yesufu says, as a Muslim, he does not believe the crocodile has any spiritual powers. 

See the picture below

Locals bring chickens to the crocodile, with the belief it would answer their prayers, says the report. 

The worshiping of crocodiles is an old tradition, which has also been practiced in Ancient Egypt.

A mummified crocodile with 20 newborn crocodile hatchlings sewn on its back, each also carefully mummified, was excavated in Kom Ombo, a temple and cemetery site, in Upper Egypt in 1893, according to Telegraph.

In life the huge crocodile was worshiped as the embodiment of Sobek, the reptile-headed Egyptian God, and treated with absolute respect by priests, the report says.

It was believed to be a symbol of power, virility and fertily.

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