Pregnancy trickster jailed after she cons 700 women - reports

A woman in Guinea who reportedly sold herbs and potions to sterile women, telling them they would become pregnant, has reportedly been sentenced to five years in prison.

According to IB Times, N'na Fanta Camara, a traditional healer in the west African country, conned at least 700 women out of their meagre wages after she tricked them with promises that she would help them get pregnant.

Camara gave the women a concoction that made their stomachs swell, thus giving an impression that they had fallen pregnant.

The unsuspecting women had to pay at least $33.99 for the miracle pregnancy concoction made up of leaves, herbs and unnamed medicines.

At least 47 of the unnamed women suffered irreversible health problems after drinking the mixture.

"Some women developed swollen stomachs and were "pregnant" for up to 16 months. Camara assured them that everything was normal and that they had no need to see a doctor," the report said.

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BBC reported that Camara, who was found guilty of fraud and impersonating a doctor, was also ordered to pay $165 000 in compensation.

Two of her accomplices were convicted of similar charges, and were sentenced to three years and four years in prison.

The victims' lawyer, Seny Kamano said that Camara had received the maximum possible sentence for her crimes but the compensation that was awarded was insufficient for the more than 700 women she had tricked.

Camara reportedly defended herself by saying that she "worked very hard to help [the women] realise their dream, but the rest is in the hands of God".

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