WATCH: Mom says she was tricked into giving her son up for zero-contact adoption

A Ugandan mother says a children's home tricked her into giving her son up for zero-contact adoption. 

The unnamed mother told BBC that she was desperate when she gave birth to her son seven years ago, as she did not have a job.

"A lady who was my neighbour said that she could help me find people to look after him... When I met the babies' home owner, she said she found Americans whio would take care of my child and look after him," she said.

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The agreement at the time was that after a year, the Americans would send her information about the child and contact details to stay in touch with them.

"But the lady at the babies' home has tried so hard to make it impossible for me to communicate with them (Americans). It is now seven years and I have no idea how he is doing," she said.

She added: "I think the babies' home did this to me because they know I am uneducated and poor. They took advantage of the fact that I was desperate and yet I did not want to abandon my child on the street. In fact I think they abducted my child. If it wasn't an abduction, why would one stop a mother from staying in touch with their own child."

Ugandan authorities have in recent years ordered over 500 children homes to close due to lack of certification. 

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