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Multi-million-dollar mansion of Bona Mugabe, stalls in wake of dad's fall from power

Harare - Work on the multi-million-dollar home of Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona has stalled in the wake of last month’s military takeover, a private newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The home is under construction by Chinese contractors in Harare's upmarket Umwinsidale suburb, in the east of the city. Locals had been left in awe at the speed with which a wooded hilltop was carved up to make way for the new property, reports the private NewsDay.

Construction began in May, but stopped after Mugabe was forced to resign on November 21. The property developer appears to have pulled out, the paper said, though a worker at the site denied this.

Bona Mugabe

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'Hail the new president': Grace Mugabe 'ally' speaks on future under Mnangagwa

Harare - Zimbabwe's ex-foreign minister, Walter Mzembi, who was expelled from Zanu-PF over his alleged links to Grace Mugabe, has spoken of his future under President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mzembi was promoted to foreign minister in a cabinet reshuffle in October widely seen as strengthening the hand of the G40 faction loyal to the former first lady. It was that cabinet reshuffle, and the later sacking of Mnangagwa as vice president, that triggered the army intervention last month.

Grace Mugabe

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Uganda's leader supports removing presidential age limit

Kampala - Uganda's president is signaling support for legislation that seeks to extend his long rule by removing a presidential age limit from the constitution.

Speaking to a committee of lawmakers about the issue on Wednesday, President Yoweri Museveni asked: "If someone votes, why can't he be voted for?"

Lawmakers are considering the bill that would remove a clause that bars anyone over 75 from holding the presidency.

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Nigerian migrants return from Libya with tales of horror

Lagos - Some knelt and placed their foreheads to the ground in prayer. Several carried small children. After being stranded in Libya on a failed attempt to reach Europe, more than 400 Nigerian migrants were brought home and began sharing stories of abuse and fear.

"If they lock you up in a room, you hardly eat, that's number one," Ejike Ernest, one of the returnees, told The Associated Press on arrival late Tuesday in Lagos. "You'll urinate there, you'll defecate there and every morning, let me say three times a day, you will be severely beaten" until you can pay the money to be freed.

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Zim 'needs a sustainable land reform programme that will ensure food security'

Harare - Zimbabwe's main opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party has called for the implementation of a "holistic and sustainable" land reform programme that would ensure food security for the southern African country.

In a statement, MDC spokesperson, Obert Gutu, said that his party supported the land reform programme but was against violence that was mated out on farmers by ex-president Robert Mugabe’s government.


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