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The president and his '$8 600 Louis Vuitton' briefcase: Zimbabweans divided over Mnangagwa's luxury carryall

Is it a cheap imitation; a gift from another head of state, or an insensitive show of extravagance? Whatever it is, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s briefcase has got Zimbabwean opinion sharply divided.

It all started with a Mother's Day post put out on Mnangagwa's Facebook page on Sunday. The tweet included a photo from the president at work in his office, hugging two of his granddaughters who paid him a visit. But there, sitting in the corner of the photo, was Mnangagwa’s designer briefcase.

Critics immediately identified it as a limited edition Louis Vuitton worth $8 600 and took Mnangagwa and his party to task.

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Could Mugabe 'stage a Mahathir' in Zimbabwe?

The recent re-election of 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister of Malaysia has got some Zimbabweans wondering if ex-president Robert Mugabe could stage a similar comeback.

Mugabe was forced to step down in November after a military takeover backed by parliament and peaceful street demonstrations.

Rally opposition

"Inspiring stuff" was the initial tweet in reaction to the news of Mahathir's victory by former Mugabe ally, Jonathan Moyo.

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WATCH: Enraged women protest after waitresses tell mom to 'breastfeed in the toilet'

Angry women in Kenya, have reportedly marched on a restaurant in Nairobi in protest against the treatment of a young mother who was recently barred from breastfeeding her baby from the eatery by waitresses.

According to BBC, the story sent shockwaves through Nairobi.

The woman, 26, posted about her experiences at the eatery on a mothers' Facebook page on Friday last week.

She said that she was told by one of the waitresses to "feed her baby in the toilet, leaving her feeling humiliated".

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Four workers killed by old war bomb near Egypt's new capital

Four workers were killed on Monday when a bomb from a former war exploded at a construction site where Egypt is building its new capital, a security official said.

The ordnance had laid dormant from a previous war, said the official, who did not specify which war and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The country's new capital is under construction about 45km east of current capital Cairo.

Egypt flag

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Ugandan leader of shadowy rebel group in court over mass murder charges

The Ugandan leader of a shadowy rebel group operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo appeared in court Monday on charges of mass murder and crimes against humanity.

Jamil Mukulu, leader of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), has been in detention since he was arrested in Tanzania in April 2015 and extradited to Uganda later that year.

The ADF is a Ugandan Muslim rebel group whose basic motives and ideology remain unclear but regional governments have alleged links to international jihadist movements.

Uganda flag

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Burkina Faso prefect killed 'by jihadists': sources

A top official in Oursi, a town in Burkina Faso bordering Mali, has been killed by suspected jihadists, sources said on Tuesday.

"Armed individuals shot the Oursi prefect, Patrick Kabore, at his home, which was also set on fire," a security source told AFP.

The body of the prefect - the government's highest representative in the area - was found not far from his official residence after the attack which took place at around 23:00 (2300 GMT) on Monday, the source added.

"A thorough search is under way to apprehend the individuals" whose identity and number have not been determined so far, said a police source, who added "it is surely jihadists."

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LATEST: Kenya dam disaster toll hits 48 with all missing accounted for

Kenyan emergency workers have found three more bodies after a dam bust last week, police said on Monday, bringing the toll from the tragedy to 48, while authorities confirmed no one else was missing.

The body of an 11-year-old boy was found on Monday after two others were uncovered on Sunday, as rescuers spent five days picking through mud and debris in Solai, near the central Rift Valley city of Nakuru.

"The bodies were not reported missing which means there could have been people who had visited the area. The search is going on, it was only scaled down but not called off," said regional police commissioner Mwongo Chimwaga.


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