WATCH: Tunisians demand right to eat, drink in public during Ramadan

A campaign on social media is calling for a large protest on Sunday to demand that those in authority  open restaurants and coffee shops during Ramadan, and respect their right to eat in public.

According to TRT World, activists are organising the protest "in the coming days".

A video clip shows one of the activists saying: "It is a protest to call for freedom. Simply to say that everyone is free to do what he wants, and everyone is responsible for what he does, and only God can judge us."

Dozens of Tunisians demonstrated last year, demanding the right to eat and drink in public during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, and to protest against non-fasters being arrested.

A Business Standard report said at the time that there was no law against eating or drinking in public during Ramadan, but every year the issue came to the fore in the north African country.

Tunisia's constitution guarantees "freedom of belief and conscience", but the state is also the "guardian of religion", the report said.

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