HIV positive teenage boy kills self after sex ban

Gweru – An HIV positive 16-year-old teenage boy in Zimbabwe has reportedly killed himself after he was reprimanded by his mother for having sex.

According to the state owned Chronicle newspaper, Jimmy Tichaona Chivende jumped from a 30m high water tank reservoir, and died on the spot.

Acting police spokesperson assistant inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident, saying that the boy’s body was discovered by a passer-by on Sunday.

Mukwende added that the teenage boy took his life at around 23:30 on Saturday after being rebuked by his mother Constance Chivende for engaging in sexual activity.

The boy’s mother has since said that she was not suspecting any foul play over her son’s death.

The boy had suffered a broken right hand, multiple head injuries and bled from the nose and mouth as a result of his fatal fall.

A News24 report last year claimed that a teenage girl committed suicide after her mother barred her from attending a church service at night.

Joyce Taga, 13, was found hanging from a tree outside her home in the Mkoba 9 suburb of Gweru.

The girl's grandmother said the teenager killed herself after she was reprimanded by her mother for coming home late from a church service the previous night.