Mugabe son 'ventures into selling exclusive clothing at exorbitant prices' - reports

Harare - Former president Robert Mugabe's son, Robert Mugabe Jr, has launched his own clothing label, "which he hopes will be competitive on the international scene", reports say. 

According to Daily News, the label, called xGx, was launched in Johannesburg just weeks after the nonagenarian's fall from power.

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The apparels are a bit on the steep side, with men's T-shirts going for $300 and ladies' tops going for $250, the report said.

New said that Robert Jr and his brother Chatunga Bellarmine had "shown off luxury clothing they were selling themselves".

The report concurred with Daily News that the "exclusive clothing" was being sold at "exorbitant prices".

The two bothers recently launched an entertainment company called Triple, which was set to bring international artists to both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

According to reports, the Mugabe sons were known for their extravagant life style and were at the centre of their mother Grace Mugabe's legal problems in the country in August. 

Grace made headlines after she allegedly assaulted a 20-year-old Gabriella Engels on August 13 using an extension cord while her bodyguards looked on.

Engels claimed that Grace burst into the room where she was waiting with two friends to meet Chatunga and started assaulting her with an electric cable.

Photos taken by her mother soon after the incident showed a gash of Engels’ forehead and head. She also had bruises on her thighs, the report said.