PICS: Zimbabwe police fire water cannon, teargas at opposition protesters: AFP

Zimbabwe police on Wednesday fired water cannon and teargas at opposition supporters in Harare, an AFP correspondent witnessed, as tensions erupted over alleged fraud in the election.

Officers had been facing off through a locked gate against protesters who brandished opposition party banners, lit fires and chanted slogans against the ruling Zanu-PF party.

"You said you were better than Mugabe - you are the picture of Mugabe," shouted one young male protester wearing a white T-shirt. "We need security for the people."

European Union election observers had earlier criticised the elections, the first since long-time ruler Robert Mugabe stepped down in November, for being held on an "un-level playing field".

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa's Zanu-PF party and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of using underhand tactics to steal the election from them.

An angry crowd of mostly young men, some of whom covered their faces, whistled and chanted "Chamisa, Chamisa" in downtown Harare. 




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