WATCH: Zim MP takes HIV test to counter accusations he had the virus

A Zimbabwean independent legislature, Temba Mliswa, has reportedly taken a public HIV test in response to what he described as unfounded media allegation that he had the virus.

Watch the video below

According to BBC, Mliswa also denied Twitted accusations that he had been "having sex" with underage girls.

“I do not usually respond to social media slurs. It has been been peddled that I have been in the habit of consorting with underage girls. I categorically deny such frivolous claims with the contempt they deserve," Mliswa was quoted as saying.

A report by iHarare said that Mliswa made the decision to get tested after a lady posted on social media that he was "deliberately spreading the virus to young girls".

Mliswa posted his results on social media, saying that he had tested negative.

"I have tested negative but even if I had tested positive it means nothing. HIV is not a death sentence and I will be launching a foundation focusing on the stigmatisation issue."

He also encouraged the public to undergo public HIV testing.

"I encourage all public figures to undergo public HIV testing. Those who test negative may continue to encourage people to avoid contraction whilst any testing positive may be an inspiration to show that life does go’s not law but it’s responsible & good practice," he posted on Twitter.