OPINION: No, bra Max, the EFF is not falling apart under pressure

Dear Max,

I write in my capacity as an ordinary member of the EFF (though I might have certain political responsibilities).

Is the EFF falling apart under pressure? The answer is a simple NO.

From its inception, the EFF was already under pressure; under pressure from itself because it had to prove that it was not going to be another failed political project. It was under pressure from the media, under pressure from people who never wanted to see it registered as a political party. 

The EFF was already under pressure, Max, from society at large. Here I’m referring to ordinary men and women, grandfathers and grandmothers, the youth. I am talking about business people, churches, etc. ... the list is endless. These are the people who struggled to understand its message and what it seeks to represent and hence found it easy to believe all the propaganda that was levelled against it.

So, bra Max, what is the current status?

The EFF is the third largest political party in South Africa, with its roots spreading all over the continent of Africa. It is indeed a 6%-party and not 8% (but thanks for donating the other 2%). This EFF has proved beyond any doubt that it is here to stay. It stood the test of time and yes, it is turning five (5) years old, bra Max.

Your attempt to present the EFF as some party in trouble is driven by nothing but fear of this baby that was born and walked immediately. So, it makes perfect sense to discredit it, tarnish its image, and find faults where they don’t exist. It makes sense to do so while you and the others present Ramaphosa as a saviour; you have a right to defend your interests.

However, bra Max, in doing so it is disappointing that you and your friends continue to portray the EFF as anti-media, anti-freedom of speech and all the freedoms we can think of.

The truth is very simple: When the media is doing right it shall be applauded and when the media is doing wrong it shall be criticised. That doesn’t represent hate. It’s what you correctly point out - freedom of speech.

As I conclude, bra Max, the EFF Commander-in-Chief is the most democratic leader you wil ever find.

Look, democracy doesn’t mean one should be scared to voice his or her views. Unlike you, I have seen him, like many leaders in the EFF admit when he is wrong and admit to losing a debate or position in the EFF. In doing so, he will also find a way of joking about it. He would ask, "but why are you feeding me wrong information?" and we would all laugh about it.

My point here is when you are a leader and everyone agrees with you then you must know something is very wrong with you.

I thought I should just share this with you, without going deeper into the topic because you have not said anything new. My point here, bra Max, is, no, the EFF is not falling apart under pressure.

- Patrick Sindane is an EFF MPL in the Gauteng Legislature and writes in his capacity as an EFF member.

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