Frans Cronje: The threat of expropriation without compensation is closer than you think


Warwick Railton 2019/01/23 06:59:46 AM
Get out if you can - this will only go one way - south!!
Annalien Matthysen 2019/01/23 08:30:13 AM
May God protect us.
Thato Kekana 2019/01/23 09:36:51 AM
We taking the land you can write stories till jesus comes back no one cares fool!! ???? I love how black people being uplifted hurts you guys so much long may it continue! Charlatans!
CaL 2019/01/23 12:06:58 PM
Thato Kekana, your ignorance is embarrassing. Has no one told you that with land ownership comes great responsibility? Yes, I have not heard one comment for or against hijacking of land that deals with the costs of ownership. Firstly, there are transfer fees, and the lawyers fees to carry out the transfer, annual rates/taxes, and then monthly water, electricity, sewerage, refuse removal charges, whether the land is developed or not. Did you know this, and are your prepared to commit to these municipal and national charges? No?
CaL 2019/01/23 12:08:17 PM
Ignorance is bliss!
Alta Steyn 2019/01/23 12:10:35 PM
Thato Kekana, just a friendly reminder - Jesus is coming back and this time He is coming back to take what is His. So, please do not get too happy about the shenanigans of your government. It is not going to last long. Have a nice day now.
Maven Punk 2019/01/23 01:10:50 PM
ANC from liberator to insatiable monster
Bheki Khathi 2019/01/23 02:23:22 PM
Frans, with that said, how do you suggest the best way to deal with land deprivation done by apartheid system in past? Don't be like opposition parties who just criticise with no solutions.
Andrew Nowell753 2019/01/23 02:36:49 PM
This is why I cringe when people recommend that opposition voters 'lend' their vote to the ANC on a national level in the next election, to prop up Cyril's presidency. If the ANC and its allies achieve a 75% majority in parliament then they can change the constitution as they like and the rest of us can do nothing. We will become passengers on a runaway train. Voters need to see the bigger picture. It is not about pacifying the ANC machinery to keep Cyril in charge, but to rather ensure that that ANC/EFF alliance does not reach 75% majority, otherwise it is game over.
Christa Artman 2019/01/23 06:38:02 PM
What happened to one South Africa for all! No racism?
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