Mpumelelo Mkhabela: Rupert's interview provides hard lessons for those willing to take them


Elijah Kgalema 2018/12/06 11:11:28 AM
wow, well-written and balance column. I wish SA reports were this balance and informative.
Tony Benade 2018/12/06 11:23:21 AM
Mr Mkhabela, a well analyzed and insightful review with essential lessons, thank you. I am happy to see there are still some of us South Africans that can distinguish essence from everyday noise
John Comyn 2018/12/06 11:27:31 AM
Social media is destroying the fabric of society and makes reaching a “middle ground” extremely difficult. I get what Rupert was trying to get across, however clumsy and cringe worthy it was at times. He is 100% spot-on where millennials are concerned. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. They are all, by and large, the same regardless of colour, gender or religion. I know this because I work with them every day. The twitter reaction was to be expected. It clearly touched a nerve. Big bad Anton Rupert has deeply hurt my innermost emotions! Shame.
SoBackonEarth 2018/12/06 11:37:15 AM
A very well written article, thank you. Acknowledging the pain of the past, has been acknowledged over and over again. It is with empathetic hearts and minds that we move forward. As long as government highlights our differences instead of fostering unity, we are stuck. We need a campaign that brings us together as South African. We are open for business as South African not as Black or White. Acknowledging the poor is about those doing something for the poor, to empower them to live meaningful lives, living with a purpose heals past hurts. We should all focus on that.
Damien Britton 2018/12/06 11:49:42 AM
An excellent article. We can all learn much from a world class businessman such as Rupert regardless of our racial back round. Those who have been pillaging our nation try so hard to demonize business when it is them that creates wealth and government that spends it.
Chris Du Bruyn 2018/12/06 11:57:15 AM
Ass always, your article is informative and on-point
Kortes Strauss 2018/12/06 11:58:11 AM
Very insightful and to the point. Thank You.
Lulu Makapela 2018/12/06 12:56:50 PM
Fully agree with you. You are on point.
Lulu Makapela 2018/12/06 12:58:23 PM
Knowing to read into facts helps us to see what is good for us. You are on point and thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Johan Engelbrecht 2018/12/06 01:00:37 PM
Very useful and balanced comments. Thank you.
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