Racial brawl is Cape Town's past and present


Mike Bundy 2014/11/12 10:10:13 AM
This type of ghastly generalisation about race and gender is bringing this country down around our ears
James Smythe 2014/11/12 10:22:22 AM
"...was acting out a historical sense of entitlement to the physical space and social status conferred to him based solely on the fact that he is white and male.." Ja, well, no fine! I think that he was probably acting out of the sense of being a complete yobbo looking for trouble! You get those types everywhere and they come in every colour!
Joan D'Arcy 2014/11/12 10:52:16 AM
Mr Molefe I think you presume too much. To say that this incident happened because of its geography is taking things too far. I wholeheartedly agree that the area has a very sad and unacceptable history but to say that this incident is a purely racial one is merely assumption on your part and I fear it is articles like these that fuel the ongoing racial tensions in our country. What this man did is disgusting but just makes him personally a belligerent, racist drunk and he deserved what he got. Please don't paint others with the same brush.
Allan Napier 2014/11/12 10:54:55 AM
Don't judge all white males by the actions of a few.
Dewald Deef Vorster 2014/11/12 11:05:24 AM
He was never knocked out, he fell because he was drunk and lost his balance, when someone hurls insults at you and you confront them it is not self defence.
Shane Russell 2014/11/12 11:19:41 AM
Molefe - What are your thoughts about Julius malema getting physical with a white guy at steers who was trying to get his order? I dont recall reading an article by you on that.
Johan Brand 2014/11/12 11:21:36 AM
You see, this is the type of **** that gets my blood boiling. A drunk white guy gets in a brawl with a black guy, and the whole thing is now a racial attack, and the author of this article even goes as far as comparing it to historical accounts. This stuff happens every day people. It could have been a drunk white guy trying to cause trouble with a sober white guy. Or a drunk black guy assaulting a sober black guy. This is what happens when someone gets drunk. Alcohol was the problem here, not race. It just happened to be people of two different races here getting involved, and now the whole world has their knickers in a twist. Tell me mr author, it this was between two white men, would you still label the guy "drunk sexist, classist and racist?" Also, I would not trust the accounts of one eyewitness at all.
Cafe-Ambivalence 2014/11/12 11:35:11 AM
Idiot. Don't pretend that you are rejecting oppression by labeling the native Cape town descendents "black". "BLACK" is the English word applied by apartheid to box all non-whites together, so your attempt to bolster your cause by boxing everyone together, and denying them their OWN right to self-identify with their ancestry is oppression in itself. You're oppressing people who choose to identify as Khoi, Malay etc. Idiot. Also, pointing out the vicinity of an historical landmark has NO relevance to the event you speak of, so you're clearly just trying to spark up hatred with bad memories and trying to associate it with the event. In short, you're just a hatemonger by using those tactics. Hatred, obviously geared towards people with lighter skin, so I guess you enjoy being a racist. By the way, regardless of words being used, Physical assault is a crime unless you are defending yourself from physical harm... so it's no wonder that BOTH men were banned. the correct LAWFUL response by the women/man would have been to alert security of the white guy's behavior. So I believe it is valid that both men were banned. Now stop being such a hateful loud mouth and start being a positive change for once. you're delusional and over sensitive about race and I strongly urge you to seek some counseling. THEN you go on to assume you have some sort of telepathic ability to read the abussive man's thoughts and motivations. So not only are you blatantly hatemongering, but also dellusional.
Atlantiszz 2014/11/12 11:49:29 AM
There are laws in this country that deal with this stuff. If the laws are not going to be enforced, this will go on and on. If the guilty parties were immediately arrested, prosecuted and jailed, all there would be left to do would be that all members of society applaud and go on their way, knowing that this kind of behaviour was not tolerated and feel safe and protected. We are building more and more layers of policy, bureaucracy, and jobs for wafflers instead of just doing what is right. The race issue would most likely die down because justice was seen to be done.
Perter Damingo 2014/11/12 11:52:44 AM
"between a drunk sexist, classist, racist white guy" what a very good example of a white man from your point of view "and the black guy who was the target " so the black guy was totally innocent as a new born baby???? Very racist statement from you
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