WATCH: Goats like happy people, study shows

According to study led by scientists at Queen Mary University in London, goats can recognise different human facial expressions and they much prefer to interact with happy people. 

The research, conducted at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in Kent, showed that goats would rather interact with a smiling face, reports Daily Mail

The scientists showed 20 goats unfamiliar photos of the same human face, looking either happy or angry. They found that they generally went straight to the happy image and even explored it curiously with their snouts.

According to the study, this suggested that goats use the left hemisphere of their brains to process positive emotions. 

Dr Alan McElligott, who led the research, said this study will have important implications for how people interact with livestock and other species.

According to Express, Goats were already known to be sensitive to human body language, but the new findings show they also respond to emotional facial expressions.

Extra sources: Daily MailExpress