WATCH: Tiger cubs tear into ‘presents’ on their first birthday

Tigers at Oklahoma City Zoo celebrated their first birthday with presents and ice cake.

Cubs Eko, Ramah, Gusti and their adopted sister Zoya all celebrated their first birthdays in July and had a joint a party at the zoo on Monday 30 July.

Female Amur tiger cub Zoya, was born on July 10 2017 at the Philadelphia Zoo but was rejected by her mother, Oklahoma News 4 reports.

Caretakers at the zoo then quickly started bottle feeding her and placed her with a litter of Sumatran tiger cubs that were born a day before her.

“With this single cub, we knew that the best scenario for her was to find an opportunity for her to grow up with other tigers,” said Dr Andy Baker, COO of the Philadelphia Zoo.

Luckily for the caretakers, Zoya integrated well with the litter and the playful bunch are now celebrating their first birthday together.

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