A Letter to Danny Jordaan

Dear Danny
Would you like to know why our national football team cannot compete on a global level? It is not the coach, it is not our lack of talent and it is not the money... it is the attitude and sheer lack of respect within football, and it all starts at the amateur level.

Let me explain... I have been playing amateur football for the last six years, and each and every year it is the same story. Teams pitch up late, or not at all. Only one referee arrives when there should be linesmen, or no referee at all. Pitches are in a torrid state, lacking lines and with holes. On top of this the administration are so incompetent it makes the ANC seem like the excellence of the Swiss! 

How do you expect people to continue to show interest in this going forward, and for those that happen to come back year after year (like myself), how do you expect them to improve with such conditions.

Here's a great example of what I mean. I moved up from Durban last year, and was hopeful that things would be better in JHB. I play in the Randburg league - and no, things are probably worse. A team did not pitch up to a match a couple weeks ago, and instead of us getting the 3 points, they were awarded the points!

Talk about a complete string of errors! The admin are almost impossible to get hold of, and when you do, they say there is nothing they can do!

You want to know why our cricket and rugby are so good? Due to simple aspects at grass-roots levels. I would hate to think what would happen to a rugby team if they just did not pitch to a game without a legitimate excuse, or if a referee just didn't show up!

Seriously Danny, please improve this from the ground up. Throwing money at the top level (and no, not giving the SAFA board members money!) is not going to help this nation improve at football!

But as with everything "public" in this country, I just guess it has turned to do-do!