A Nut and A Hero

I can never get enough of books! I get them from different avenues: each final destination of lfinding a book to read makes me feel like an explorer as I search and search for a book I feel will interest me. Once in awhile I find a gem that once I start reading I can't put down. Yes, I been late for events because try as I might I couldn't pull myself away from a book. "One more chapter," I say! Yeah it's true: I've even been late for a little romance while I've had my nose in a book! LATE, NOT A NO SHOW:)

I find my books at retail bookstores, online, the library and discount warehouses that have oodles of books that retailers can't justify having on their shelves due to low sales or the book has run it's course. I appreciate the warehouse because many books are "old" and I  missed it when it first went retail.The warehouse is interesting because once a year they have a sale where for 25 bucks you can walk away with all the books you can put in a box they give you. I have found some real gems there for a beggars bargain!.

My two favorite book the past while are Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut (HarperCollins) by Jill Kargman (bought on-line) and Things Worth Dying For (Penguin Books) by Micheal Kelly (bought at the discount warehouse) by Micheal Kelly

Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut

Jill Kargman's has written a warm, very funny, and honest book about her life as she sees it. If you want a book to relax and have some laughs this is the book.

Grab a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and be prepared to read the book to the end in one sitting. While the book is very humorous and has that New Yorker attitude and sassy revved upped opinion Jill reveals to be a honest, witty and heart warming individuals as she tackles life events and reminisces on her past.

I give 31/2 stars to this book. I would have given it a 4 out 5 but she patently states in the book that she doesn't like Canadians. Hey, she hurt my inner Canadian child!   

Things Worth Fighting For

One of those hidden gems you find in a clearing warehouse.
Author/journalist Micheal Kelly passed away in an accident while covering the Iraq war. This book is a collection of various articles he had published during his career.

You know a good writer/journalist when they can draw you into their personality as you read their writings. While reading Micheal Kelly's book you will find an author who wrote insightful and many times compelling articles. He can be extremely witty and humorous as he writes on various subjects. At the end of the book you feel as if you know Micheal personally.

Be prepared to be educated, laugh and share some tears while reading Things Worth Fighting  For! Thanks, Micheal Kelly.