A country with no morals is doomed

A country that has no regard for morals that guide our behaviour is manifesting its downfall. I learnt with disgust of how Pallo Jordan lied about his qualifications. I asked myself this provocative question: ‘What have we become? Mr Jordan’s actions raises questions about morality and our disregard for education. It is a pity that we still have people who justify his actions instead of naming and shaming it before it develops into a norm. It is morally incorrect to label his resignation as an honorary thing since it was mandatory. A person who lost public trust is no longer legitimate to lead us. Morals are not taught at school and they must be applied to guard our behaviour if we are to build a just and equal society.

The ANCYL is pulling a publicity stunt by proposing that Mr Jordan be honoured for his contribution in the creation of the knowledge society. I won’t dispute the fact that his contributions were exemplary in our young democracy but the lying part of this issue has erased everything that he has done. For a leader to lie to the general public, it has more negative ramifications than we are made to believe. What will happen to the confidence of all the young people who aspired to be like him? What does this tells us about how we value education as a country characterised by intellectual poverty and skills shortage? The sentence for someone who lies to the public should be developed before our country is doomed.