A disaster with Comcast/Xfinity

On Tuesday afternoon our Xfinity HD channels crashed. When we tuned to the HD channels a message came on the screen telling us that they were free with a subscription. I called a very nice lady and stayed on the phone one hour. She sent signals to the box and we did all sorts of reboots. Nothing work. The Comcast rep came to the conclusion that the billing department had not told the cable television department that we had paid our bill (By the way, we always pay our bill right on time.) I got another call from this lady. Yesterday while I was talking to a dear friend of 50 years with a personal crisis, another person from Xfinity called five times to talk about the problem. It was annoying. He finally agreed to send out a technician. The earliest free slot was Friday afternoon between four and six PM. This is terrible service. If you want to discontinue cable television the billing system is rigged and your internet goes up astronomically in price.