A really small world, or a really BIG problem...

Are events around the world becoming more frequent, or has the age of information technology highlighted just how much we never knew before the internet?

Wars being fought in the name of religion, territory or power is nothing new to the world. From the times of the Roman Crusades to the downing of the twin towers on 9\11, conflict has been an on-going battle in almost every country at one time or another.

The year 2014 however, seems to have been an extra tumultuous year so far, with any and everything that could happen, materializing.

Boko-Haram’s siege on Nigeria, the never ending battle between Israel and Palestine, the Russian attempt at overthrowing the whole of the Ukraine, the missing flight MH370 and more recently, the downing of flight MH17 and the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, are just a few things that spring to mind.

Meanwhile in our backyard, we have seen this country’s worst ever strike action, that has crippled our economy and acts of violence that never cease to shock us.

Has the world stepped up a notch in the crazy department, or do we just have much better access to all this information?

The world seemed to be a lot bigger when we still relied on the television and radio as our predominant source of news. At the click of a button, we now have unlimited access to information from an infinite wealth of resources.

Is this perhaps the reason planet earth seems to be spinning backwards these days?

It boils down to one of two things; either the world has become really small, or, we as a global civilization have a really BIG problem. I personally go with the latter.

And just when I thought things couldn’t go anymore haywire, I write this article the day after a 5.5 magnitude earthquake, hit South Africa.

Enough said.