A response to evolutionists

One of the evolution supporters as it were, it seems to be the case if one has to conclude based on the article written by the individual. In his argument of what evolution is he writes: 

"Evolution means CHANGE OVER TIME.

If you deny that things: the universe, change over time, then you deny REALITY The theory of biological evolution attempts to explain the FACTS andconnect the data that indicate that life is related through common descent and has been changing for a long time." [Copy & Paste]

It may be that some persons who might have read the article "Happy Birthday 'On The Origin of species' by Charles Darwin" might be of the same sentiments with the writer. You might be aware that the article was trying to define what evolution is and what it is not. Well as the statement says biological evolution "connects the data that life is related through common descent"--now thats where the problem is. A common descent? It  is true that all beings under the sun- all life, are from the common Creator, because it was Christ who created them. But the species themselves are not from a common ancestor. They were separately created each according to their own kinds-diversity.

As the statement claims evolution is "Change overtime", the truth of the matter is, when sin entered the world, it not only affected the state of humanity, but that of the environment. see Genesis 3:17,18. A once perfect world began to degenerate. This is the true change. Was it observable? Yes. Before sin -a world of perfection coming from God-humans were vegetarian and "also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which theres life" God said, "I have given every green herb for food."-Genesis 1:30. For there was no death. So only after sin had entered the world, animals were affected, trees also had to change. Now animals began to eat each other, thus as time passes genes could be affected as a result of parental behavior and the offspring inherited the genetic patterns of the parents. So with trees, in Genesis for example [The verses given first], the trees were to start having thorns-so the genetic patterns had to change also. Now the whole ecosystem had to change. But God never intended his creation to be such, yet by his mercy the system was to benefit them though sin had wrought such a terrible change.

Inheritance; as parents of the species adopts or do certain behavior, thus encrypted in the life, the offspring learn and exercise the inherited tendencies - in reference to animals. Then as a results years pass and changes occur. Take for example, as the ancient world, the times of Adam, they were giants the Bible tells us, and also them having abundance of fruits and herbs - the earth yielding for them as the source of food- they grew and majestic they were. Yet time passed, and the environment also being affected was degenerating more, the ground yielding less, the humanity in hight was reducing. All this came to be because of the fall of man. a change was observed in the human family. Now Satan has come to tell man lies into twisted truth. Evolutionary idea is error my friends. Science falsely so called as Paul would say. 

The effects of such erroneous doctrines is basically to lead man away from God, by doing so man would be going astray from truth and be seduced by evil spirits. Be not deceived, God is not mocked. True science basically confirms the Bible truths, when this are together studied, the Bible being the reference, it will be a blessing to man and man will enjoy the fruits of knowing his Creator. Thus will he be able to take care and not abuse what his Maker has made. Behold! Another change is coming. God because of Christ, this world is soon to end, and a new earth will once more be created [this earth being made anew] that all shall be as it were before sin. Animals for example will not kill other animals nor humans kill anything, rather death shall be destroyed and the system will be in perfection. Oh don't you long to be there? Christ is the sole answer.