AREA 51: Pass the Tin-Foil please

Area 51: Pass the Tin-Foil please

Okay, heard of the tin foil conspiracies. Here's one: Area 51.

A person by the name of Dan Burisch was supposedly working at Area 51. He claims the aliens that landed/crashed there in their saucer were actually humans from +- 42000 years into the future that were testing a time travel machine to travel into the past and landed at Area 51 in the year 1947AD.

He said that by looking at these future humans he could then deduce that in that 42 000 year timespan, humans evolved to get shorter in height but with more rounded, larger foreheads. Probably for brain power.

He said that the scientists at area 51 tried to get the time machine to work and even tried dismantling it and tried to copy the technology with their own, but it was'nt advanced enough.

He claimed he came into contact with extra-terrestrials that spoke to him in Hebrew. He claimed that the ETs told him that massive Solar Flares would cause major disturbances to earth's communications in the future. He was told this around 50 or so years ago.

He was also told of a brown dwarf with small rogue planets surrounding it that would one day in the future come close to the edge of our solar system and when this happens earth will have terrible climate change.

He was told of a "Majestic 12." Whatever that is? He died a few years ago but launched a project called Project Camelot.

I will be honest, this stuff sounds rather crazy to me.

Tin foil anyone???