Absolute Reality

This article is in response to "Bible comprehension" -> http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Bible-comprehension-20140813 (First post, not sure how to add links)

I am a Christian, and yet I say good article. Good question too. It goes beyond bible interpretation. It is a battle of realities. Which reality is the real reality? (Just as you ask, which interpretation is valid). Who has the right credentials to claim the true reality? Just as you ask who has the right credentials to claim the true interpretation of the bible? Like you see no one qualified enough to claim to true interpretation of the bible, I also see no one qualified enough to claim the true reality.
Even if approached with scientific methods (and there is no scientific method to prove the beginning of existence, I mean nothing exploded to everything is just pure nonsense to me),  still one asks the same question, who has authority to claim that the scientific interpretations of existence are the REAL ones?
The big bang theory and evolution (not all of evolution is incorrect) claiming our ancestors were but mud is not science. It is in fact a religion, it is based on believing it, not knowing/proving. It cannot be observed (anymore anyway).In this article, I am not against the NOTHING can explode into existence (but I sure am against this), I am simply asking, why should we take this interpretation. Also, lets not forget that this existence theories have also suffered many interpretations and revisions. Anyway, it is a theory, by definition, a theory is not a fact. We just grow more confident on a theory based on repeated experiments (we cant experiment big bang though), and grow the body of knowledge overtime. 
I am not here saying I know someone (or am that person) who has the perfect credentials to say which is the correct interpretation of the bible. I am here saying, which is the correct version of reality? This leads to saying, which is the absolute reality? Is reality an absolute thing? 
In my reality (incorrect as it may be) God does exist. In your reality (scientific as it may be) God does not exist. There is a clash in our realities, and the 100th generation from our's will still view things differently. 
Though we may differ (whether in interpretation of the bible, or in the bigger picture - REALITY) in realities, the question the remains is which one is the real one and who has the credentials to lay a claim on it, and why?
We may have different answers on this, but this is my answer: A person or entity with the highest wisdom, power, knowledge, and authority has the right credentials to say what is really real (including the interpretation of the bible as per your article). In your world, I am guessing there is no such person. In my world, this becomes one of the reasons why there is God.