Adam and Eve and the Elephant in the room.

Adam and Eve and the Elephant in the room.

I often read with much interest the stories dished up by so called Christians who pertain that their extensive knowledge of the Bible enforces their believes and that it teaches them the facts about The Creation of the world. They love to tell everyone about the seven days of creation and that God created “Adam” and “Eve” and placed them in the Garden of Eden – (and it was good). “Behold” they cry out, “the first people on the planet”. These “creationists” then use this story of “Creation” as the very foundation of their beliefs and they hold the story of Genesis forward as the beginning of the world and the beginning of Christianity. Christians all over the world then teach their children, their children’s children and anyone else who wants to listen that the God of Abraham created man approximately 6000 years ago and that everyone should believe, bow down and worship. As a reference:

For Millennia the tale of Adam and Eve and the story of creation as told in Genesis have been preached by believers over and over and force fed to countless generations of children until they too believed it. It continues even to this day.

When one takes the trouble to read a little further into Genesis, one finds the following: Adam and Eve had two sons; Cain and Abel. This boy Cain then killed his brother Abel and as his punishment was meted out to him by God he decided to leave. (Cain was now a murderer but God let him go relatively unscathed. Luckily for him the 10 Commandments have not been proclaimed and the 7 deadly sins have not been listed, otherwise he would have been struck down dead. But that is another story)

The scripture goes such: [4:16] Then Cain went away from the presence of the LORD, and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden. Sorry what? Where is this land of Nod? Who is Nod?

Then the Elephant in the room reveals itself thusly: [4:17] Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch; and he built a city, and named it Enoch after his son Enoch. Cain found himself a fully grown wife in the land of Nod!

It is crystal clear then, that during the supposed creation of Adam and Eve, there already existed cities in other lands with people living there. Genesis tells of the creation of man on day 5 already, the story of Adam and Eve comes after creation week so it seems God was bored after all that work so he planted himself a little garden and then he needed some pets to amuse him so out of thin air pops Adam and Eve. It stands to reason that much time had to elapse between the end of Creation week and the creation of Adam and Eve. In fact, it had to be at least 2, 5 million years because we had to get all the way from the first appearance of Homo habilis and on to Cro-Magnon Man before we could have a suitably human looking wife for Cain to marry 6000 years ago. (There, I just showed you that Human Evolution can be accommodated using the Bible as a time line)

According to the book of Genesis, Earth was already inhabited at the time of the Adam and Eve fable. I find it extraordinary that people still base their religion on stuff that they don’t even fully comprehend; can we please move on.