Animal Sacrifice vs. Theory of Evolution

I am going to take a peck at religions practice of animal sacrifice and the absoluteness of evolution.

Here I go.

Leviticus. Sacrifice lambs on the altar for cleansing of sins. Killing two pigeons and letting a priest smear it on you to cure leprosy. Burnt offerings of goats and lambs and small birds to please the gods in heaven.

Voodoo Churches in Latin America. Chickens blood, slit a chickens neck and let it run around bleeding to death. For so called spiritual power.

Satanic Ritual, sacrifices of living things for demonic powers.

Hurdles for The Theory of Evolution:

1. If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes around today? Like monkeys, baboons and especially gorillas.

2. It was recently said that all birds came from dinosaurs. We know the perodactyl was a flying dinosaur. But they together with all the dinosaurs were destroyed 65 million years ago by an asteroid. If all dinosaurs were killed and none survived then how can birds have evolved from them as there would have to be existing dinosaurs after the asteroid for this transition to take place?

3. If all the animals from the dinosaur era were destroyed, howcome the crocodile still exists today and even a celocanth fish discovered mearly a century ago?

Now for the most insane part. I saw mould on my bathroom ceiling slowly turn into black dots and those black dots turned into little flying fruit fly type bugs with legs and wings. This transition took place over many months. This has to be evolution right before my eyes. I was shocked and amazed. Water turning to mould turning to a black spotty stuff turning into funny fruit fly insects. Just from water. Without anything CREATING IT, just water the basic ingredient for all life on earth.

Lamb Chops Lamb Chops Lamb Chops!!!

RELIGION: The bible predicts a red heifer, a cow with red hair to be born in the end times. There was a red heifer born in america a month or two ago. The first in nearly 2000 years.

The bible predicts a 3rd temple, a new Temple of Solomon to be built in Jerusalem in the future. If you go on google on the news tab and type in THIRD TEMPLE, you will see that the Temple Institute is planning on build the Third Temple hopefully in the next few years.

The quran predicts that one day in the future that the sun will rise in the west. Guess what in 2003 planet mars went retrogade, it started spinning backwards for a month meaning the sun rose in the west that month. Guess what earth is the closest planet to Mars, so whose next!!

Evolution has some truth in it and so does relogion.

I suppose a christian or muslim or jewish SCIENTIST can exist!!