‘Animal rights?’ Please, not again!

There are days where I wake up and realize that it is not me who has the hangover, but the world around me. On such days I hardly feel like leaving the house, but human folly finds me anyway.

When you have any experience living on planet earth (or just reading news emanating from it), you realize that there are large numbers of people predisposed to complaining endlessly about anything; and no group better demonstrates this human desire to nag and moan irrationally than those who claim to speak on behalf of the downtrodden fauna left in the wake of human industry.

Always a reason to complain

Would you believe that as humanity tries to stop sucking on the breast that oozes fossil fuel, these ‘animal-rights’ activists are now complaining about a few birds that are being turned into flying mince and flying KFC by the greatly-reduced environmental impact of wind and solar farms?

I kid you not: http://www.news24.com/Green/News/Solar-plant-scorches-birds-in-mid-air-20140820. And this, if history is anything to go by, is just the start!

I may have drained enough combustible liquid last night to power a fleet of trucks loaded with PETA protesters, but I am not the one who is out of his mind for holding the opinion I do regarding this non-issue of birds being vaporized or dismembered near alternative energy plants—as I am sure the rest of my article will clearly demonstrate.

Brace yourselves, by the way, while the campaigners draw breath in preparation to shout. We will surely soon find ourselves in blizzard of ‘save the common sparrow’ invective as the sensational news about immolated fowl (and common ones at that) plummeting down to earth goes viral and upsets the dolphin-hugging element in society.

Following that, the headlines will likely announce newly-introduced and costly hoops that energy providers will have to jump through in order to expand their operations and build more clean-energy plants. This will increase the cost of providing environmentally-friendly energy, making it uneconomical for years to come, and thus increasing our dependence on the outdated and, by comparison, much more devastating (to plants and animals alike) methods of harnessing energy from fossil fuel.

And why must all this happen? Because of the incessant meddling with legislature by the animal-obsessed jihadists that are spurred into action from every dead animal carcass that makes the headlines!

Don’t be surprised. This is life at the end of the primitive spear tip of the ‘animal-rights’ movement. They care so much about all animals … except the only animal species that has any chance at making it off this planet before the sun gets so big and hot that it incinerates all life on the face of the planet circa 500-million from now.

–Now, granted, that is a long time off, but we have limited time now because of limited easily-accessible energy resources in the earth, whcih must be used to develop the advanced technology we would need to relocate ourselves (and maybe a few other animal species) to another planet before Sol gets angry.

As you can see, we are talking about something here that is far bigger, far nobler, and far more important than just saving the spotted owl—and for diversity’s sake, at that!

However, these lobbyists know nothing about fighting for something of true value (like human destiny). Their ‘noble cause’ is a shrill and mostly false alarm sounded off in panic and for what looks to be nothing more than a deep, personal sense of satisfaction they get from collectively making noises and threatening gestures at people who actually want to take the human race forward, while at the same time reducing our current detrimental impact on surrounding fauna and flora.

But do you think that the gung ho lobbyists bothered to do a comparative study to see how much smaller the environmental damage is from wind and solar farms as compared to their still fashionable predecessors: oil fields, hydro-electric dams, coal-fired generators, etc.? Of course they didn’t! They are too busy making a scene about animals that suffering/dying; there is simply no time to do research or look at facts. Something (usually the attacking of corporations and the erecting of hypersensitive laws) must be done, NOW!

So you can bank on it that in the present (and for the foreseeable future), ‘animal-rights’ crusaders will be the force hampering and obstructing our species’ attempts at uprighting itself and realizing its nobler environmentally-friendly energy aspirations—oh and in the meantime scores of animals that don’t make the news will die from our currently outdated, wasteful, and harmful methods of extracting energy from the planet!

That is OK by activists’ standards, of course, because they operate on the principle that if a logged tree falls on an elk in the forest and there is no news headline about it, then there is no opportunity to get on television and secure more funding for their war machine.

It counterintuitively turns out that it is not the profit-crazy oil giants who are trying to prevent alternative energy from finding a competitive foothold in the market (thereby producing the funds needed to advance itself and take over as the new standard), it’s the damn lobbyist brigade that won’t allow progress to happen, just because even progress has some casualties!

How is that for irony?

The realities of Evolution

We humans cannot relieve yourself in the bushes as Mother Nature apparently intended us to (according to some), without stepping on some poor forest creature’s ‘home.’

Even if humans were to stand completely still and do nothing to help themselves, these ever-offended ‘animal-rights’ activists could still walk around looking for some unfortunate worm, ant, or beetle being stood on, and then they can, again, gush forth gales of complains and demands that the massacre be stopped!

That is the reality of life where there are limited resources and multiple organisms competing for these resources. Even if the resource is just a place to idly stand at—somewhere, something living is going to be stood on!

So it is not hard to see that as our species became more prolific, other species started to recede from the environments we started to occupy.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the ‘animal-rights’ activists protest and demands stand in clear violation of the very ‘principles of compassionate Mother Nature’ that they invoke to disseminate the right to uninterrupted life of every living thing on the face of the earth.

By outrunning and outsmarting the creatures that once dominated over us and made a frequent meal of members of our species, we rightfully rose to the top of the food chain! We are an animal species, too, and born from the very same processes that created the dolphins and the whales and the chimps and the seals and the common sparrow and every other living thing on the planet.

So why should we humans now do the unthinkable and give up our dominant seat at the top of the food chain? To do so would be a direct violation of nature at its most fundamental level! And what for? To give back resources that evolution gave us the advantage in the first place to take from other species!

Try explaining that to the people who want to talk about ‘nature’ and how we humans live ‘in gross violation of it.’ They clearly don’t understand from natural history and Evolutionary principles that nature has been trying—for billions of years—to perfect a species that could outcompete every other species on the face of the planet.

“Out compete them for what?” some may still ask. The resources of planet earth, of course—which includes the energy sources locked away in the planet that no other species on the planet is capable of competing against us for.

This is what evolution does! Nature does not give a damn about saving the spotted owl and would gladly see it end up a meal for a creature that has the capacity to outwit it on the battlefield that is life on this planet.

It is only because these ‘nature’ movements started when religious indoctrination dominated human thought, leading us to mistakenly assume that we stand distinct from the animal kingdom and, thus, had to preserve everything god saw fit to create, that this nonsensical belief that humans are a merciless exploiter existing in violation of nature still plagues us.

Nature is not about preserving life for the sake of just preserving it—if you don’t believe me, then consider that about 99% of species to walk the earth are already extinct, many of them by way of being out-competed by more capable species.

Nature finds a way—whether animal-rights’ activists accept this or not

As we touched on the topic of evolution, it is imperative to note that ‘animal-rights’ activists are totally ignorant of evolution’s gift to every living organism on planet earth: the ability to adapt to new challenges and threats facing them.

There is a beautiful example in Australia of how life reorganizes itself to deal with a newly introduced threat, but the activists would know nothing about this—for they are, surprise, surprise, too busy complaining.

Either mischievously, carelessly, or accidentally a species of poisonous frog was introduced to parts of Australia. Shortly after the contamination, the fields and forest in areas where these frogs had spread were littered (and I mean littered) with the carcasses of predatory fauna small and large, who feasted on what to them mistakenly looked like manna from heaven in the form of plump and sluggish protein treats conspicuously hopping around everywhere.

And now, behold evolution at work!

For several years this tainted frog buffet took the lives of countless Australian predatory species, and the invading poisonous frog’s numbers exploded across the Australian landscapes. But now there are definite signs that the casualties from this plague are steadily dropping as Australian wildlife begin to recognize this new species as a threat and start avoiding it.

In some areas where the devastation reached epidemic levels, you can no longer find a dead predator, be it snake or fox or monitor lizard, with a poisonous frog in its mouth or in its stomach.

But why?

Was it that the animals in the wild got sick and tired of hearing the bitching of activists patrolling the area, demanding that something be done, and so decided to stop committing suicide by poisonous frog, or was it that the animals had the evolutionary capabilities to, in time, correctly identify a newly introduced threat that first appeared to them as an all-you-can-eat garden buffet?

Of course it is the latter.

I challenge you, however, to get any lobbyists to acknowledge a species ability to rebound from catastrophe; they won’t, because then nobody would need the ‘animal-rights’ movement to exist!

The reason we have any animals alive today, at all, is exactly because they have been adapting to changes in their environment and threats to their existence for millions and millions of years. Life is not fragile, it just can’t hold certain forms indefinitely!

It thus stands to reason that if another solar plant is erected in the Nevada desert, and happens to be in the flight-path of some migratory birds, then, yes, we may witness several dozen of these birds hit by the intense beam of accumulated sunrays and rain down to earth half cooked. This may even happen for a few years in succession, but the birds are not going to go extinct!

Clearly, we can safely disregard the imminent flood of unreasonable, wasteful demands for intervention and prevention as will be authored by the activists!

Final words and conclusion

I am not for the mindless slaughter or abuse of animals that cannot defend themselves against us. But I also know that the only animals that deserve ‘rights’ are the ones who can demand them and pay taxes for them. There is only one species on earth that currently is capable of demanding rights for itself (and paying the requisite taxes for them), and that is the common Homo Sapien.

But beyond this squabble over who gets rights and, if so, to what extent, there is a larger thing we must keep track of: Human destiny.

There are but two roads we humans can take from hereon: One leads to the stars, the other, back to us running around naked in the bushes and serving as a source of protein for species that would love to again have Homo Sapien added to their menu.

Those are our choices, my fellow Homo Sapiens, and they are dictated by the reality we face as the dominant species on this planet with the knowledge that the sun is going to vaporize all life on earth in the future. Nobody gets to stay here in paradise on earth (if we ever even achieve it) indefinitely!

So if you choose to be weak and accept your fate, fine. You are the antelope that surrendered when the first lion grabbed you by the hindquarter. Don’t, however, expect me to come and lay down next to you to be made a meal of, as well. Take your bloody ‘animal rights’ and go exercise your human right to live like an animal, if you so wish—but leave the rest of our species out of it!

In light of the ‘animal-rights’ activists efforts, I would like to suggest that they consider adopting an official and most fitting emblem: the Ouroboros – that ancient symbol of a serpent swallowing its own tail.

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