Anyone know of these people? Could be a scam

My wife got a call from a number this morning (0319405487) she answered and Indian woman was asking her if she has received her golden cards yet and she said no, and the lady apologised for her not receiving them and told her that she will get them as she is in charge of the local branch in DBN and will be able to get 30% discount on all her groceries and shopping.

This lady had all my wife's personal information. ID, Address, Bank details and pay date.

Reason I'm writing  is because she mentioned something or other of being involved with FNB and somewhere knew her name etc. I have called FNB's risk department and they say they dont know the origins of the number and will investigate.

Please kindly advise if anyone has received a related call or if anyone has been scammed by these people as this looks like a scam.

Apparently a number of people have also been receiving these calls from the same number.
 Please see blogs below where people have complained of the same: