Biochemical attack

As a motorcycle rider, I was taught to be never vigilante on the road. On my ride home yesterday afternoon, I joined a small group of riders heading in the same direction. On a dual lane section of road, a passenger seated on the rear left of a sedan on the right lane tossed a diaper out of the window. The lead biker almost caught it in the face, but swerved in time to avoid. The rest of us safely followed suit,  but a car hit it and it opened up on the vehicle following him. It all happened so fast and so much could have gone horribly wrong. In my opinion, fast drivers are not primarily to blame for the carnage on our roads, but rather the inconsiderate and incompetent road users that seem to be so prolific. I think that all responsible road users should consider investing in a Drift or Go Pro camera to record daily commuting, for those "just -in-case" moments. Especially helpful as visual proof in the event of a collision as all parties concerned tend to claim innocence and deny any wrongdoing. And yes, I'm thinking of those whom we have come to note as regular jumpers of red traffic lights and stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up passengers.