Bitter and Twisted

So it is said that I hate God, I may be bitter and twisted and have a monkey on my back driving me to my death. All of this because I refuse to give credit to God for my achievements. I have written about a non belief in Gods, What Atheism is and much more in previous articles.

The other day I was told to keep religion out of my business because it will lead to suffering. Well duh.. I have never discussed religion, pro or con, with my clients. I am much brighter than that, When someone wants to pray about something, I let them. Your religion does not change the colour of your money and truthfully I need the money in order to buy food, petrol and the odd luxury.

The fact is that others bring religion into business and I have a decades old rule, When they pray I check where my wallet is, I ensure that we have a water tight contract under the law of the land and not on biblical principals. Facts are the the holier they pretend to be, the more likely they are to rob you blind. Why would I say this? Experience, In the early days of my being in business for myself I learned that, those people with the bible under the arm are the ones that know they will be forgiven on Sunday, Those people with the Bible under the arm are living under grace, so they don't need to be perfect, The preacher man will forgive them anything as long as they give willingly.

My experience with religion and business did not happen because I told all my clients I was Atheist. In fact it happened because they did not know and a nice fellow by the name of Colyn found out. In those days my blogging was separate from my business but I had more trust in mankinds ability to see the professional from personal and I did not blog anonymously. I feel like a fraud because I hide my real inner being from the public. Blogging anonymously is not a boon to my well being, It is not a joy to do, but absolutely essential because someone like Colyn, may just feel the need to find all my clients and tell them that I am a Godless Heathen, and am not to be trusted.

I learned my lesson and anonymity is now part of my life. You see I got a phone call from 3 people asking me if it were true that I was Atheist. Another 37 never said a word, They just took their business elsewhere. I think Colyn had a sudden influx of clients that would not do business with an evil Atheist. Until Colyn I thought my views were separated from my business, It turns out that you cannot have beliefs that are not mainstream and run a business in the Bible belt of SA.

Am I bitter about Colyn, I guess I may just be, He destroyed my business and it never recovered just because I did not believe in his fairytale. He is not the only Christian that I have had bad experiences with. There are the BMW driving, Bible thumping clients that never settled their bills and many many more.

I have started businesses and failed on a number of occasions, In fact I am probably imminently qualified to write a book on how not to do it, the mistakes not to make, I have made them all. Now let's talk about me hating God. I don't have any knowledge or proof of the existence of such a being. He has never gone out and done my quotes, my coding or shared my labour. I have not heard him give me any advice good or bad. He doesn't exist. Hating him would be as pointless a s hating the Easter Bunny, Spiderman and the Hulk.

Let's talk about me being bitter, no let's not because I wouldn't convince you either way. If you ever meet someone that knows me, ask them how bitter and twisted I am.