Black face, red face

Response to University Blackface Incident, case on going…

If a person from another racial group were to come to a wedding or traditional celebration dressed in the traditional attire of their colleague this would be admired and celebrated and has been witnessed by myself.  Couple this with a Culture day and you will find clothing and colours that are worn with pride at the office or school. Most of us look at our colleagues in admiration and not ridicule.

If I were to take a person’s circumstances of being a domestic ( dressing as one), focus on the colour of the domestic (painting my face black), and inserting packaging in my rear end to appear more voluptuous am I respecting the person, the job or race group? Am I saying that all domestics are black, have large rear ends or dress this way? Was it a joke? I guess you probably wouldn't pick on the domestic that dresses smartly, looks petite and is paid very well by her employees as that would not be funny?

Some on here are saying “it was a joke” – a joke is something that is funny, or with a punchline. SO are black maids, with large rear ends funny? The major point of contention is that some on here say it is racist.

I would go further and say that it is a lack of sensitivity, respect and understanding of those around us. Racist possibly due to the degradation of a nation of black females that have dedicated their life's to the “masters” that require them to come in at 6:00 am after taking 2 taxi’s to get there, make breakfast, send the children of to school, make lunch for them when they get home, cook, clean etc etc – and then pay them a pittance and expect them to be back in the morning.

If I cannot respect the vocation, the dedication and the person I shouldn't have the right to a privileged education, at a university of higher learning as seemingly the almost 20 years of being in the democracy has not taught me anything that a degree is going to teach me in 4 years!