Blue (Monday) Bulls

What a HUGE disappointment!!!

So now the question is "Who is to blame?"

That old saying of "The players don't pick themselves." rings true, but this is the professional era, so surely the players have to have some responsibility to at least try to perform to set standards!?

Rugby is no longer the same game as  the old guard, Naas Botha and co, remember it to be, nowadays it's a business and any business wants to make money...fair enough, so how do you make money? By appointing the best people for the job, and should those people not perform to satisfaction they get replaced.....note.....THEY get replaced, not just one or two, but THEY (ie all the guilty or nonperforming ones).....this means you to Mr Ludeke!!!!!

Some are quick to point out that Frans Ludeke has 2 Super Rugby titles under his belt, so what?

He took an existing, well oiled, winning team and did little more than made sure they ran onto the correct field every weekend. Heyneke Meyer did all the hard work before Frans Ludeke took over the rains, Meyer picked the players, developed them, put a winning game plan in place. Meyer developed the winning culture at the Bulls, Frans simply piggy backed his way to two Super Rugby titles.

And the boys in the big offices at Loftus aren't innocent either, it seems the administration at the union is as bad as the recent results!!!

Poor administration, poor coaching, poor performances, is this what fanatical Blue Bull supporters have to look forward to?

The other top unions in the country have taken steps to improve their levels of performance, appointing "Directors of Coaching" and what not, sending current coaches oversees to learn better coaching techniques (a long overdue decision in my opinion Mr Drotske, I hope for your sake you have a return ticket) why not the Blue Bulls?

Maybe it's time to clean house at Loftus.