Bosasa matter gets new life

The justice system in a slow, frustrating process, even more demanding for those that are parties to the matter. But often as is the case with the Bosasa-tender-scandal- the wait has been worth the while.

The fact that the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Advocate Mike Mashutha, announced that the National Prosecuting Authority can now continue and apprehend those that are being accused in the charge sheet is a good sign.

When the Bosasa-matter eventually gets to court = apparently within the next six months, according to Masutha – one of the biggest tender-fraud cases in the country that it has ever seen, will come to the fore.

Eight years ago it became apparent that the relationship between the Bosasa group and the previous National Commissioner of Correctional Services, Linda Mti, was dubious and questionable.

The Special Investigations Unit conducted their investigation and handed their report that included evidence of fraud and corruption in 2009 to the National Prosecuting Authority.

Since then the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority has for five years been working feverishly to get the matter ready for court.

The accusations against Bosasa is shocking to say the least – the group apparently openly bribed people, through giving Mti and other senior officials within the Department of Correctional Service, houses, cars, and even rugby tickets.

In return Bosasa group got government tenders worth hundreds of millions of rands – to secure the correctional centres in the country and also to provide food for the offenders that are being detained.

Just as shocking is the fact that the Department of Correctional Services, despite having knowledge of this unorthodox relationship that existed, continued to award tender to the Bosasa company – the widely known and published accusations of corruption and fraud being well known.

The relationship between Bosasa and the ANC is also known fact. In 2011 the Gauteng ANC legislature held its provincial lekgotla in the Bosasa office complex.

The fact that the National Prosecuting Authority is indeed ready to apprehend people in the matter, is proof that even those with the highest political affiliation, can’t escape the might of the arm of the law, and try and cover it up forever.