Cirque the South Africa

How one can laugh at the antics in our country. We have to, it is all we can do. The focus of government is "i-can-not-find-a-word". The focus is only on whether you are a Zebra or a donkey, it is not to keep the country sustainable so that all Zebras and Donkeys can survive.

Can we please focus on keeping the country sustainable? Then, when everyone is educated, healthy and safe, look at the prospering of the Black Rhino and how the White Lion can help to do this. The country cannot survive if all the resources are transformed into bricks an mortar (for one), fancy cars (two for one) and airline cost (one airplane for one).

Esteemed Ringleaders, could you consider to teach the people how to build their own homes, or have them at least help to do it. They will then learn a skill, see the time and effort that went into the exercise and value the effort. If one only receives you are not able to give back.

For the sake of survival - let try to build up instead of breaking down a fine beautiful world.