Cleaning up the mess

In  her provincial budget speech to the Legislature in Limpopo the Honourable MEC for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, announced that she, Me. Makoma Makhurupotje, was allocating and setting aside R 1,2 million to pay consultants to rectify the financial status and record keeping of the municipalities in the province whom none managed to get a ‘clean audit report’ from the Auditor General on their accountability and coherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices.

She claiming to have had insight into the relevant Audit Reports for the Municipalities in the Province and that she has the means and capacity to, as she stated, ‘clean up the mess’.

Ironically most of the Municipalities that can be categorized in this situation, has already paid vast amounts to consultants and or advisors whom has failed in their duty and mandate to ensure that the municipality receives a clean audit report, and now yet again, another R 1, 2 million of the total budget for the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs – amounting to a staggering R2, 158 billion is being ‘set aside’ but more appropriately wasted.

Consultants and Advisors have been rewarded handsomely to achieve this goal within the ambit of the municipalities, yet ironically none succeeding.

One would have imagined that the respective councils, would have insisted on a performance based contract with such consultants and advisors at the time, and that their payment in respect of services would have been conditional on the goal being achieved, of getting a ‘clean audit’ report, yet once again, millions paid in consultancy and or advisory fees, served absolutely no purpose.

Isn’t it ironic to notice how taxpayer’s money is being squandered with absolutely no shame and or regret, and in the process how people are benefitted millions of rands, for being incapable of performing on their mandate but are being handsomely rewarded for their ‘work’ or is it rather ‘lack of work!’

Millions of people are unemployed, deprived of many things that are guaranteed to them as part and parcel of our Constitution, yet monies are being squandered and those that are suppose to benefit, yet once again meritoriously become of victims of time, with mismanagement, maladministration, and corruption being the ‘flavor of the day!’

The Honourable MEC should however be commended for recognizing that the financial affairs of the Municipalities in the Province amounts to nothing else but, as she categorizes it – “A MESS!”