Clothes Shedding - my experience of a nudist wedding

I was invited to join a good friend of mine at a naturist (nudist for those of you who don’t know) resort over the weekend. Having been to Sandy Bay a couple of times, and enjoying walking around with the minimum/no of clothes when in the privacy of my house, it sounded like a good idea.

I arrived at the farm, as it is affectionately known, mid Friday afternoon and decided to bite the bullet and stripped down and started exploring the facilities. I wandered around the pool area (no-one there), amongst the houses (no one there) and then the bar. An aged gentleman greeted me very friendly and, upon seeing the pool table, I decided to play a couple of games.

During this, a few people, all naked, walked in and out of the bar without paying me any notice other than a friendly hello. As there seemed to be a lot of activity in the hall leading from the bar, I decided to investigate.


To my surprise, I found people preparing for a wedding. Except for two ladies who both work at the resort, everyone else was naked and going about their business. Being a friendly sort of guy myself, I offered to help and so met the bride, groom and a few of their friends. Once again, I was treated like I would expect to be at the local bank or church fund raising day – with friendliness. No open staring, no weird glances, etc.

We friend arrived later that evening and after a glass of wine or two, we returned to the bar and spent a most enjoyable couple of hours there – me being introduced to the regulars, having shooters, chatting about rugby, politics, etc. We also heard that it was an open wedding, everyone was invited to attend the ceremony and festivities the next day.


After coffee, yes, still without any clothes, with some friends we prepared for the wedding – an easy task as we did not have to worry about what to wear – we already were dressed for the occasion. The wedding was recorded by a mainstream TV crew who were dressed, for professional reasons, as were a few of the day guests and the preacher, who had on only shorts.

After the ceremony, we were treated to a great lunch, then everyone gathered around the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening we all gathered at the bar again – again we had a couple of drinks and we listened and danced to mostly very bad Karaoke.

Sunday Morning

We met with different friends again for coffee (seems to be the ‘in’ thing) and then went to the restaurant for breakfast which was good and very affordable, just like the shooters.

After a bit of 360 degree tanning, we reluctantly packed our stuff, donned our clothes and returned to what most people call civilisation, feeling invigorated by the experience and sad at it being over so soon

I can’t wait for my next trips, already planning a day visit to the farm as well as two weekends at different resorts.

Summary – how did it feel?

It was great! With no clothes to impress others with, the only thing you have to offer is your company and yourself – stripped to the bare essential self. Also, everyone seemed at ease, myself included, and no-one stared at anybody despite the many shapes, sizes and ages on display. Everyone treated each other with respect and there was no hanky-panky or anything resembling even subtle sexual innuendos exchanged – in fact, this is strictly forbidden.

What was amazing was that everybody mixed and chatted with everybody – I suspect because the external stuff that we use to distinguish class or status, etc. in the normal society has been removed from the interaction.

In closing, most of the non-naturist guests who were clothed on Saturday, had shed their clothes voluntarily during the course of the festivities and during the night – once they understood the essence of naturism and that is that it has nothing to do with sex.

Google it, try it in your own house and then, like I did, visit one of the naturist farms around the country – you will never feel the same about clothes or yourself again.