Complaints and more complaints

Complaints and more complaints

The Mr & Mrs Know it all seem to have a problem with amount of complaints from the Republic regarding the state of the state. Some even have the audacity to even say it in any public platforms.

Now maybe the question should really be:

·         What are people really complaining about?

·         Why aren’t they doing anything to change what they complaining about?

Humans are like that: they will never seize to amaze you or themselves at any chance they get. We complain just about anything. When things are going our way, we complain that why doesn’t it improve. When things are improving, we complain about the slow rate of the improvement. When nothing is happening at all, we complain that nothing is happening.

So where does this all starts? It all starts from within. There are different kinds of people:


There are the kind that want to change any situation they find themselves in life a Thermostat. A Thermostat basically changes the temperature: if it’s too cold, its warms up and vice versa. This is the kind that can barely have a good night’s rest every day without changing anything in their life: be it from reading a book, running a couple of kilometres in the morning, lifting some weights at the gym, an assignment, making love to their loved once, etc. and so on. That kind is the kind that want every day to count for something. An ordinary day is not fulfilling. To someone else, learning a new word, going an extra mile, etc. might not mean anything while to that kind, reading a paragraph in that book before sleeping is everything. So, this is the kind that want every step to propel them to something, of cause depending on what their personal goals are.


There’s this kind that are watching on what’s going on. At times they can be good spectators to everyone else except themselves. They are good in identifying problems without bothering themselves on how to solve those problems. This are the kind that complains about everything from themselves to everyone around them. This is the kind that will wait for people to start something then they will point out where one went wrong or where is it that’s going right without even getting paid for it. They just point out what’s wrong with you without feeling sorry for you while they themselves are less concerned on what’s going on in their own lives. Whenever they share their mind or views on what’s not going right, please don’t be bitter, take that advice. It’ll help you.


This is the kind that’s wondering what’s really going. Why are people in a rush? Where are they going? What? Where? How?, etc. and so on. Those are the question that you’ll hear form the chameleons. They couldn’t be bother to find out themselves. They just comfortable wherever they are (be good, bad or ugly). You might be wondering why I picked a chameleon! It has nothing to do with the speed in this case. It has everything to do with the way a chameleon adapts to every colour (environment). Chameleons don’t worry or bother to ask why the environment is green, they just got with whichever colour they lend on. Now this is the kind that you can’t trust. They change anytime depending on where they find themselves in so askies I’m sorry Chame!

OK, for now I’ll just stick to this 3 kinds meanwhile you think which one you fall in or maybe come up with your own.

Now, making our way back up in that same order: chameleons is the kind that you not too sure where they belong to? Are they on this side, on the fence or that other side? This is the kind that “go with the flow”. If everything is going right, without hesitating, they’d most definitely go right, when the flow goes left… yeap! You guessed it. Now tell me, how on earth are you going to trust such kind? There’s nothing much they believe in, they believe in what everyone believe in. you tell me about Christianity, they become Christians. Tell them about earthiest, all of a sudden, no almighty existing. So this guy’s complain whenever everyone is complaining. When everyone is happy, they happy. They couldn’t be bother but eish!

Now this is possible everyone’s favourite: there’s always that one friend that most of us would have and that’s if you not that friend. You know whenever you have something to talk about or whenever you need someone to talk to as well as advice? (I can already see you smiling, thinking of that friend of yours who have all the answers for you mean while he/she doesn’t have any for themselves). Yes, this kind never wanna do anything but knows everything about everything but not doing anything about it. This kind is very helpful to everyone else but themselves. Sometimes friends become greedy and don’t enlighten them so they see the way. Some friends always want to have this kind around to help them realize their dreams & goals while they are not giving anything back to the very same person who saw them through the journey without getting paid for it. They are not advisors thus maybe they shouldn’t get paid for it.

Looking at the 3 kinds of my people: mostly the Thermostat will not be complaining about anything as they are makers, the doers, go-getters, etc. whatever term you wanna call them. This are the guys that never complain about anything as most things and situations they find themselves in are either created by themselves or whenever they find themselves in a situation they don’t like or didn’t create, they strive to change it. We need more of such guys in a developing country like ours. Now, let’s go get what we need and want please and loosen on the amounts of complaints.

At times, one needs to be aware of a certain situation to change it. Those who are forever complaining are possible not aware that thus the complaints and that goes for those who go with the flow. As for go-getters, let’s go get it.

With that being said, I shall as always rest for now

 Vuka Darkie