Consider this

Consider this. You are a member of a powerful, influential organisation/business. A powerful brand with an admirable track record built up through selfless sacrifice by its predecessors, at great cost to themselves and their colleagues. Your organisation appoints a new CEO. The new CEO gets embroiled in all sorts of personal shennanigans that start impacting negatively on the bottom line of your organisation/business. All of this against the admirable integrity and values of the organisation/business.The CEO starts co-opting his colleagues in the organisation/business to defend his position. He does this by appointing loyalists (to him) in influential positions in the organisation/business. Colleagues who don't buy into defending the CEO's position are sidelined and hounded out of their positions and the organisation/business. This causes fear, panic and paranoia in the organisation/business.The CEO continues to appeal against every attempt offered to him to clear his name against the allegations. At great cost to the organisation/business, in terms of resources, finances, the damage done to the good name of his organisation/business, the great reputation of the brand. The undue pressure that the CEO's colleagues have to bear in the process of protecting his personal interests. The divisions and distrust that develops among colleagues because their loyalty to the organisation/business up against loyalty to the CEO, automatically puts them in opposing and highly acrimonious camps.Most of the colleagues remain silent, for various reasons. Some for self-preservation. Fear of losing their lucrative positions. Some for fear of being seen to be going against the CEO. While all the time knowing deep down that the CEO has done immeasurable harm to the organisation/business, the powerful brand, with the admirable track record, built up through selfless sacrifice by its predecessors, at great cost to themselves and their colleagues.Would you continue supporting this CEO???