Do Animals have a religion?

Do Animals have a religion?

Christianity says God made man in his image.

Atheism says that all religions are made by man and that God was created in man's image. Also that in ancient times people had no knowledge about how the planets and universe was formed. People wondered where the first human came from. The best anwser would be a mighty HUMAN like GOD figure who created the first human on earth ADAM. And created all the animals as well.

So the best explenation for early man would be that there was the great BIG HUMAN CHIEF in the begenning.

People have brains, the brain is inquisitive and and curious. Early mans curiosity of how things began led to this idea.

Wait a minute, Animals have brains too!!

I wonder what the Apes think of how their kind began or how the world began, I bet you they believe the first ape came from the BIG GREAT APE GOD KING who was the first ape in the begenning. Who created all the apes (in its image) and all other animals on earth and yes us HUMANS too. Hence, a RELIGION!!

I wonder how the Birds think how their kind began or how the world began, let me guess THE GREAT BIRD GOD made the first bird (in its image) and all other animals on earth and yes, us HUMANS too. You guessed it, a RELIGION!!

Aint no surprise the birds are tweeting loudly in the trees on a Sunday morning. Its the Turtle Doves and Starlings having their morning Church service. Now I know what all the commotion was about.

Similar religion applies for fish, bears, lions etc..

Looks like HUMANS aren't the only religious ones on this earth.


Are HUMANS the only atheists on earth? Atheist animals.. hmmm