Do not insult ZEUS

Do not insult ZEUS

You must not insult ZEUS. If you do, you will be struck down with Thunder.

It doesnt matter if the thunder comes from the sky or from IZINYOKA substation.

If you do, you will not enter Valhalla. No women and metal poles.

Your name will be written in the book of punishment. You will be punished. The wrath of wine will be mixed for you with 1000 scorpion stings.

You must be stoned by 24 elders in the city streets for blasphemy.

You must pick up an ox on your shoulders and walk for 50km.

Thou shalt not mock ZEUS. The flames of David Koresh will set fire to all those who insult ZEUS.

A chicken shalt calleth your name. You will appear before the council of snake oil merchants.

You will then receive 50 lashes from ODIN, who is Zeus's sky daddy.

You must then repent and kiss the priests feet. You must then kneel before a stone and moo like a cow 9000 times and maybe you will be forgiven or maybe unforgiven.

Peace to all. Peace be with you. Rub chicken fat on your forheads to be protect from evil spirit who lives in the drainpipe. Use disinfectant.

Do not insult ZEUS.