Dressing up as Whoopi

This is an open letter inviting comment.

I refer to the two Tuks girls who recently dressed up as ‘maids’ to a fancy dress party. They drew such unexpected response, even being labelled as racists. I personally asked on many forums what these girls did wrong?  Why was it wrong to dress up that way?  

Apart from meaningless rhetoric and insults there was no reason given.

What is so wrong to dress up as maids and darken your face?

I sincerely ask for reason.

Now here is the further point.

My wife and I are attending a private party this weekend where everybody will be dressing up as their favourite movie character. My wife has decided to dress up as Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. What an excellent movie and what an excellent act by Whoopi. My wife will be dressing up as  ‘sister’ and darkening her face and she is looking forward to doing that.

Will my wife’s action be viewed negatively? Will she be labelled racist for dressing up as her favourite movie character, as Whoopi Goldberg?

I actually look forward to that fancy-dress party.

I also look forward to the comment to this posting