Drunk Driving!!

It seems that driving under the influence is a hot topic at the moment. On Monday at 1:30 pm I was on my way to fetch my daughter and her friend from school when a drunk driver collided into my car. I was stopped and indicating to turn off the main road and at the last minute and saw this idiot in a bakkie speeding into the back of me. He did not even attempt to brake. He tries to leave the scene of the accident and I see beer cans all over the road, I say tries because it was not just a fender bender - both cars are a write off. When I go to him he is stinking of alcohol.The police do not arrive after being called out about 7 times. Eventually off duty cops from the K9 unit stop and cut a long story short they arrest him after he assaults one. I went to the police station to get the case number for insurance purposes and had to deal with the Investigating Officer because it was now a criminal case. I was then told that this drunk was released with a warning and no blood was taken because they are renovating the police holding cells. I really am not sure what to think, I know this guy could have killed me/someone. My kids could have been in the car and they would have been terribly hurt since the entire boot section of my SUV was crumpled into my back seats. What if it had been a smaller car, how lucky would I have been then?- But Hey! It is okay because he got a warning.