Empire of the South

The empire of South

This past week reflection took over. I took stock of two decades in our kingdom. I weighed the pros and cons of life in South Africa or the Southern Empire. Sanity prevails it is all a big bluff.

The big bad wolf doesn’t really exist unless Juju comes to power for even one day and even then some.

Fellow keyboard warriors we have naught to fear the queen’s original empire is still very much intact. Legislation equals a waste of tax payers’ money as it can’t be enforced full stop. The only people with any say at all are those guarding the queens treasures and they dear fellow council are going nowhere in a hurry. They have the perfect ploy in motion under our eyes.

The perfect excuse to milk the land of milk and honey is to increase exchange rates making it much more lucrative for the kingdom of the northern empire to force trade upon at tariff only profitable to them making our lands barren in the process.

When will our own kings council realise the more they try to enforce foreign policy from the east the more they are enticing the west to enslave us with ridiculous currency tariff.

Little does the king know that the kingdom of the slant eye emperor in the east only has his own subjects’ interests at heart?

It is so opportune for countries of the west to now take our increasing dealings with the east and middle kingdom as excuse to undermine our beloved currency in favour of the queens.

To use strike action as excuse for a slowing economy is beyond me it simply makes no sense. Yes they have angered the queen as this is treason and treacherous behaviour deserves punishment, no? What an easier way than to ensure a considerable drop in our own currency making the queen and her kingdom to increase a hold on our soil and enslave the people in our kingdom to her majesties will.

To ensure our own leadership do step out of line by calling for action against the empire and so the story continues.

It is all about the gold at the end of the day nothing more nothing less. Numbers in motion. It has absolutely nothing to do with the subjects at all as we should humbly recall the queen does not regard Africans black or white as part of the empire any longer since our own king decided to increase trade with the east and middle kingdom and employing foreign policy further angering the royal house.

All this at own peril I may add. Therefore perhaps next season before the harvest our king will decree that in order to flourish or flounder our choice if we decide to increase or decrease trade with the east and middle kingdom and make amends with the royal council from the north.

Some time ago the kings’ advisers have called council and informed the king behind closed doors that if he desires to continue trading with the east and middle kingdom it will lead to a considerable drop in trade from the west. He was informed that increased council with the middle kingdom bears nothing but trouble. He was advised not to anger the queen but went ahead anyway. 

The end result of these ill conceived choices are upon us had he looked a little north to see what happens to other empires opposing the will of the queen for the sake of dictator ship and had he listened to the advisers he himself may have averted a pending disaster. 

The long and short of this is perhaps he should look in the mirror as his own royal council is nothing but a mirror image created in the kingdom of the north of which he holds no power to change unless he agrees and concedes there is only one real royal house in the new world and it is not in Africa. Perhaps he may wake to his own folly before it is too late and his empire is consumed from the ground up in punishment for defying the queens’ will.

The king has also been informed that his subjects including everyone from aristocracy to peasantry are suffering deeply as result of the kings’ ill conceived choices and perhaps he may have to deal with a full scale revolt at some point. As witnessed in time gone by further north this is often very brutal and may even lead to the king himself forcibly dethroned and imprisoned in the towers if he is not publicly executed by the marauding mob led by the new rebel army created by renegade rebel and wanting emperor Juju. 

The king should at once cease trade with the east and keep his weakened army out of the kingdom of the Middle countries. For some unknown reason the king keeps council with enemies of the western empires. They will simply continue punishing his council and subjects by making vital trade unaffordable and so weaken the kings’ empire to the point of starvation leading to the pending uprising by rebel leaders who are currently gathering their armies on the flanks of the kings’ empire and even from deep within the heartland of the empire.

If the king does not realize within a very short time the mistakes of his ways it may soon be too late to save what is left of the empire. Ever doubtful it may happen but should a young rebel leader like emperor Juju come to power even for a day the kingdom will be wiped from the face of the earth and taken over lock stock and barrel either by the slant eyed emperor of the east or the queens council either way the entire population will be enslaved and dictated to by another kingdom far off.