Enough with professional students

Democracy came to this country with a lot of opportunities but seemingly people are abusing it now, I would like to take a closer look at the way pupils and how tertiary education students behave.

When the no fee rule was implemented its seemed like a well orchestrated plan yet turned the blind eye that it will be detrimental in the long run, the value of education has decreased tremendously and its shocking. If people were paying for their primary and secondary education we wouldn't have such problem where kids behave like they are in a party or just a vacation.

It's even worse when you take a closer look at the tertiary level, you find that some students have been there for more than 7 years for a 3 years diploma or 4 year degree, it is really worrying to see taxpayers money being used for such students who chop and change courses as they please. We have had enough of professional students who have over stayed their welcome within the tertiary institutions and they have received even one qualification.

Go to any university you will find such people, our universities must do something about these people.....