Free uniforms to the needy

Fifty (50) learners from Mahlashana Primary School received free uniforms today.

This came as a donation from the Department of Human Settlements and Public Works together with the uMdoni Municipality.

The donations were handed in by the   MEC representative Zero Mqadi, who said that he believes that the level of education in rural areas should develop in order for the people to remain and not go to the urban areas for a better education.

“One of the good reasons for this program is to celebrate with the women of South Africa the women’s day/ month which dates back to the history of this country, and to decrease the burden from parents of having to deal with seeing their children going to school without proper uniform that they cannot afford,” said Mqadi.

According to Mqadi, black people are poor, everybody knows that, not just in South Africa but the whole world.

 “It is not of our own creation, but because of the system called apartheid that was introduced in South Africa decades ago which was meant to oppress black people,” he said.

However, the South African government is eradicating all those oppressions so that everyone in this country would be equal to one another, to be united and let go of the past for the entire nation to develop.

“That is why today we, as the government, are here to lend a helping hand where we can to develop the level of education within the school and in the community,” he added.

The ceremony was attended by the uMdoni Municipality Mayor Siyabonga Khwela and his Deputy and Ward Councillor Oscar Zama who thanked the department for its program that is called DRESS A CHILD, and also for its initiative to eradicate poverty and develop the community.

“We are lucky because our government have sustained the mandate of our late father Nelson Mandela, of looking after the vulnerable and needy who live under poor conditions that are not welcomed in South Africa,” said Zama.

From Mahlashana S.P School they proceeded to Shayamoya Primary School in uMzinto to hand in more uniforms.

By Sthabiso Mdledle.